Founding Principles

Several years ago, at a company wide retreat, all employees gave input and brainstormed over our goals and philosophies. After much reflection, the following ways of describing what HRP "is about" were arrived at:

Core Values

  • Serve your God, your family, and yourself
  • Do your best
  • Do the right thing
  • Ask, listen, and learn
  • Care

Mission Statement

It is the goal of HRP CONSTRUCTION INC to be the best possible provider of safe, quality, cost-effective construction services. Only through its long-term commitment to this goal can the company sustain itself, return a fair profit to its investors, and maximize the well being of its employees. The quality for which we strive is all inclusive; it is founded on the basic dignity of all and requires: pride in ourselves, respect for the company and our fellow workers, and a sensitivity to the needs and rights of others – our neighbors, our community, our industry, and our universe.

Vision Statement

Lifetimes of self-sustaining service.

The HRP Advantage

Uncommon Resources

Available Equipment:

HRP has invested and continues to invest millions of dollars in our equipment fleet. At present, we own twelve excavators ranging in size from a Caterpillar 245 D Heavy Trencher to a Hitachi EX120LC, seven front-end loaders, two bulldozers, three tractor backhoes, and various other pieces of equipment, which augment the above to accomplish almost any task. (Safety and shoring equipment; skid steer loaders; conveyors; grading and compaction equipment; ground piercing, jacking and auguring equipment; transportation equipment; survey equipment; compressors; generators; pumps; earth and slab saws; pavement breakers; trenchers, etc.).

Equipment items that are particularly innovative, or beyond the expected, include:
20+   P.E. certified sewer trench boxes
3   Felco bedding conveyors
1   Kros backfill conveyor
1   Topcon Robotic Total Station w/data collector
1   AgTek Digital Takeoff and Layout Systems
1   Trimble Blade Pro Grader Control System
1   US Pipe Full Diameter Watermain Mainline Tapping Machine

Support Facilities:

HRP operates from a 7,500 sq. ft. shop/warehouse/office building in a newer Industrial Park in Northwest South Bend, with easy access to the US 31 Bypass and the Toll Road.

Up-to-date, industry-leading computer hardware, software and network systems are used for estimating, bidding, cost control and all integrated accounting functions.


As previously stated, for our size and volume, we have very high prequalification limits with numerous governmental entities. Our bonding capacity is high as well. We have submitted bid bonds with approvals to provide performance and payment bonds on single projects in excess of $15 million. Historically, our reserves have been such that we routinely finance all construction operations without the need to borrow money.

Exceptional Service

Service can come in many possible forms. The three most obvious ways for a contractor to provide service are to furnish a product that meets the specifications, to do so on time and to do so within the owner's budget. While meeting these three goals is important to us, we also strive to provide service in several additional ways:


Our philosophy is to "Do it right the first time, even if it costs more." We are proud of our work. On one project alone, we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars providing materials and procedures in excess of those specified because it was the right way to do it. For performance like that, we have received first place, statewide, "Awards of Excellence" two times in the past from Indiana's largest construction trade association.


We understand that for our clients time is money. In order to meet owners' needs, we've worked Saturdays, Sundays, even nights when necessary. We've shut down other operations and put three, four or more crews on a single site. On one project, we worked 20-hour days, six-seven days a week, for over two months.


When owners have financial constraints, we are proactive in trying to help reduce costs. On several major projects, we have negotiated change orders resulting in project-cost reductions of 20% or more (sometimes to the order $500,000) before we even started. During construction of a recent project we offered an owner an unsolicited deduction of in excess of $600,000, simply because it was the right thing to do.


We pride ourselves in finding new methods and materials at the leading edge of technology. For example, we started installing buttfused-high density polyethylene pipe some 15+ years ago. We owned the first Felco bedding and Kros backfill conveyors in the state. We were among the earliest purchasers nationally of the AgTek Layout and Laser Alignment Sonic Control systems.

Flexibility in addressing special needs

We have negotiated projects, designed projects, and even financed projects for some of our clients.

Public Relations

We have been told our public relations efforts, particularly relative to property owners, are unsurpassed. We regularly deliver written preconstruction letters, and often times progress reports, to all the residents of the construction area. We have hosted pre-project coffees and dinners, mid-project lunches and post-project celebration breakfasts for the neighbors. We have been videotaping all existing surface features prior to construction for decades – before the practice was even heard of by others. We have a formal written company policy to treat all people with courtesy and respect.


We all know there is a moral imperative for good safety practices. In addition, good safety is good business, not only for the contractor and his employees, but also for the owner and everyone else associated with the job. Our safety program far exceeds industry standards and has won numerous awards. Our safety program, put into place years before it became the "in" thing to do, features new employee orientation, weekly Toolbox Talks, monthly jobsite inspections and an annual safety day.


The end result of extraordinary people utilizing uncommon resources in order to provide exceptional service is delivered on every HRP project, which equates to an unprecedented value for owners.

Current Status

Sustained Growth

Average Gross Sales – Recently operating in the range of $14-20 million.

Market Area

While preferring to stay within a 60-90 minute radius of South Bend, HRP has successfully completed projects as far west as Hobart, Indiana; as far south as Vincennes, Indiana; as far east as Fremont, Indiana; and as far north as Lawrence, Michigan.

Market Segment

HRP is most successful at--and has a knack for--seeking out and performing projects that vary somewhat from the norm either in size, difficulty, and/or complexity. With nearly all of our work, we've faced much more than the typical challenges encountered by many of our competitors. As a result of our unique experiences, we are in a proven position to tackle even the most difficult tasks.